HALO me & beauty Salon

We just got nothing but a makeover

Hey, hi, hello, you looked tired! How long haven't you gone outside? You are always busy with jobs? I bet you haven't looked at yourself for weeks, right? Come with me, I will take you somewhere!

And yeah, say hello to HALO, this is our new hair salon! We believe that you will look better with a new hair cut. Btw you just have come, now go have a seat!


Located on Rosemead, California; and the design comes from VietNam, we have worked really hard, doing our best to give you an over-expected experience in our services, our design in every small corners, yeah our everything. Hope you feel good when being served here!  

Yeah we're glad you like it! 






Well now you need to makeover? Viist halomesalon.com

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