PromoTec Xmas 2015

Being an agency, PromoTec always wants to deliver crazy and amazing ideas to clients. And Christmas is a great time to send this message!

Yeah, it is too ordinary and familiar to give a postcard, and an e-card via email also makes people feel bored of receiving every year, especially when they have to check a ton of emails of work and greeting. And we wondered, why dont we mix them up? For those people who are too busy, they will get a short message to rememer that PromoTec is always ready with a million of crazy ideas. And for young dynamic people, they will got a little surprise!

We choose the reindeer, make it a key character with the bulb represent ideas. Yeah we dont ask Santa for help, we aks his reindeer team, those guys are crowded and each one is an expert in their field. Some are crazy and they are willing to help you no matter what idea they have: insane or normal! Santa calls them partners, and they are an important part of his every job, like the Minions and Gru in despicable me.






To connect the real world and the digital one, we use QR code. The scan result will redirect you to the PromoTec landing page. And yeah, a little wild surprise appear! Behind a small postcard, a big message will be delivered to clients, of course it has to be ready and visible on any mobiles, any browsers and operating system!










We just show you a small part of the job, the major part is still a secret to be discovered by you! Why dont you check this gift box?!